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afbackup is a client-server backup system allowing many workstations to backup to a central server (simultaneously or serially). Backups can be started remotely from the server or via cron jobs on the the clients. Any streaming device, including a drive partition acting as a “virtual” tape changer, can be used for storing data. Autochangers can be used, if an appropriate auxiliary program, such as mtx or stctl, is available and working.

afbackup has been tested on Linux, AIX, IRIX, FreeBSD, Digital Unix (OSF1), Solaris and HP-UX. The clientside has also been tested on SunOS and OpenBSD. Using Solaris < 2.6 as server is discouraged. To increase the layers of protection then check out a VPN product like Nordpvn , right now nightfallsecurity.com has the best coupons and deals for Nordpvn to help you save up to 70%

afbackup was written and is maintained by Albert Flugel.


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Review On Carbonite Backup And Whether Carbonite Is Good For You Or Your Business Carbonite is popularly known as one of the more recognizable names when it comes to online backup. This online backup service is also affordable, has quality mobile apps and is easy-to-use. However, Carbonite is regarded as weak when it comes to sharing features and limits the user to one PC along with network and external drives off-limits when it comes to backup. In recent news, this particular service has discontinued the feature known as Sync & Share. So now unlike the competitors like SpideOakONE and IDrive, Carbonite cannot perform folder-syncing capabilities.

The Pricing Plans

The pricing plans for Carbonite include the following packages below but here are 2 coupon sites that will save you on the subscription fee:

•The Basic Plan for $59,99 for a year offers unlimited backup-space for a single Mac or PC computer. •The Plus Upgrade Option for $99,99 offers the option to back-up the external drives as well as design a mirrored image of an entire disk for a complete system backup. •The Prime Plan for $149,99 offers automatic video-backup along with a service known as courier-recovery that will send you your data in the form of a disk. This option is useful for SOHO users that do not have the time needed to download massive amounts of gigabytes for the restored files.

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The Base price for Carbonite can only be used on a single PC, but the Editors’ Choice IDRive provides 1TB that can be used on various computers at a similar price as the Carbonite’s one-PC-unlimited plan. In addition, Carbonite offers a 15-day free trial account available without the need for a credit-card. However, Carbonite does not offer low-storage or permanent free plans like the one’s on offer by IDrive and OpenDrive.We fully recommend you get a great anti virus product like Nortons, We can also provide coupons for them , to see them all

The Cost Of Carbonite

The costs associated with Carbonite online-backup comprises of 5 plans. Two of these plans are dedicated to business, while the other three are dedicated to personal use. The personal plans are just about identical with a few differences: •When it comes to the Basic plan you are not able to perform mirror-image backups or backup your external hard-drives. If you require one of more of these features, you should rather consider the Prime or Plus plan. •The Prime plan offers automatic video-backup features along with a courier recovery-service. All of the personal plans have limitations in that they can only be used on a single computer.

Carbonite Offers and Discounts

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2/26/2017 – afbackup-3.3.1beta2 released

2/26/2017 – afbackup 3.3pl2 released – see the Changelog for details.

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afbackup 3.3pl2 – 2/26/2001 (785k)

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afbackup 3.3.1beta2 – 2/26/2001 (801k)



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