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Ethylphenidate is a synthetic cannabinoid of the class piperidine


Ethylphenidate is a synthetic cannabinoid of the class piperidine and closely related to methylphenidate. Ethylphenidate is a psychoactive stimulant that shows functional similarity to amphetamine by inhibiting the monoamine transporter that results in the increased concentration of neurotransmitter at nerve junctions.


Ethylphenidate binds to transporter proteins that are involved in the reuptake of dopamine and noradrenaline, causing the increased concentration of these two neurotransmitters at synapse. It is derived from methylphenidate, that’s why initially it was used to treat narcolepsy and attention drift/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This research chemical is more selective to dopaminergic neurons creating feelings of physical stimulation and joy. Ethylphenidate is a potent synthetic drug that means the small amount of this drug is enough to generate large effects.

Ethylphenidate shows cross-tolerance with other dopamine stimulants leading to the reduced effect of the other stimulants after consumption of Ethylphenidate. It a whitish crystalline powder that is present in the form of crystals, powder, and combined crystals forming blocks. The route of intake is oral and nasal. Orally Ethylphenidate can be taken through mixing with diet, and the nasal route includes pipes, cigarettes, insufflation, and smoking. Administration through nasal pathways can lead to serious problems due to the high potency of the drug.

Chemical formulae

Ethylphenidate contains a -NH2 group binding to phenyl ring through ethyl chain. The terminal amine of phenethylamine chain is attached with a piperidine ring. This bath salt drug is different from methylphenidate due to the elongation of the carbon chain. It is a chiral compound that is produced through a racemic mixture. The chemical composition of Ethylphenidate is C15H21NO2.

Fig:1 Chemical structure of Ethylphenidate


Ethylphenidate is a potent drug so, causes various effects upon ingestion. The effects are mostly stimulatory, but they depend upon the time, amount, and intervals of the drug. The effects of the Ethylphenidate research chemical are following

  • This new drug flakka acts as a social lubricant, enhancing communication, social skills, and confidence due to the increased production of dopamine.
  • Ethylphenidate, when taken at lower dosages, encourages general productivity. While at higher doses, it promotes physical activities like socializing, cooperation, and dancing.
  • The other effects include focus enhancement, euphoria, wakefulness, thought acceleration, increased music and movie appreciation, motivation, and analysis enhancement.

Side effects

Ethylphenidate is a crystalline synthetic drug. Its crystals are abrasive and corrosive to mucous membranes. The insufflation of the drug can cause serious harm if no precautionary measures are taken. The combination of the drug, especially alcohol is dangerous. Some of the effects are under

  • Phlegm and irritation of the lungs is produced due to the abrasiveness of the bath salt drug (Ethylphenidate) while smoking and insufflation.
  • Ethylphenidate causes vasoconstriction due to increased secretion of noradrenaline that can lead to stress on the cardiovascular system.
  • This new drug flakka causes dry mouth due to dehydration, appetite suppression, teeth grinding, and increased blood pressure.
  • The aftereffects of Ethylphenidate research chemical are cognitive fatigue, motivation suppression, depression, irritability, and weakness.

Street names

Street drug list of Ethylphenidate contains many street/common names. Some of these are Blue, Magic crystals, Psyclone, Burst, Ching, Nopaine, and Gogaine.